Knowledge | 2022-10-22

Bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine


Bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of ultrasonic cleaning equipment used to clean bearings. With the increasing degree of mechanization, the use of bearings has been quite common, and the cleanliness of bearings has been more and more concerned by people. In particular, some precision bearings, if not achieved high cleanliness will bring great damage to the bearing. So many machine manufacturers avoid the cost of loss, for the bearing requirements are increasingly high. How to clean the bearing simply and effectively has become a new challenge for bearing manufacturers, and the bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine has attracted a large number of bearing manufacturers with its unique cleaning advantages.

As a kind of hardware part, the bearing is widely used in all kinds of mechanical equipment, and cleanliness is an important index. Bearing why to maintain cleanliness, it is because in the production process will be dust, debris, and other small particles adsorbed on the surface, causing friction bearing in the work caused by wear and tear, to extend the service life of the bearing in the past, in the production process of cleaning is the traditional way, using kerosene spray or gasoline hand-cleaning, but these methods are not only expensive, inefficient, and sometimes simply can not meet the requirements of bearing cleanliness, so now a manufacturer has abandoned the traditional cleaning methods, use bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean bearings.

The bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean the bearing surface, crevice, concealment, and so on in all directions, no matter how complex the bearing appearance is, the use of the bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve a consistent degree of cleanliness, and will not cause damage to the bearing surface. Bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine is to clean the workpiece by ultrasonic cavitation, its unique process cleaning efficiency is high, can play other cleaning methods incomparable cleaning effect, has been recognized by the vast number of bearing manufacturers, bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in bearing cleaning.

Bearing ultrasonic cleaning machine