Double tank drying ultrasonic cleaner

Large industrial ultrasonic cleaner

Product Features:

1. Drying tank: can be adjusted autonomously, time and temperature, with drying completion alarm notification function;

2, the inner tank material: the use of 304 stainless steel, thickened to 2mm, manual argon welding, strong and durable;

3. Adjustable time: 1-99 minutes/hour adjustable, can be opened often;

4. Memory function: the device has an independent memory chip, and there is no need to reset after the time is set;

5, equipment power cord: the use of industrial thickened power cord, safe and durable;

6, industrial grade transducer: the use of industrial shockhead, strong force and good effect, can work 24 hours uninterrupted;

7, generator control system: independent generator control system, flexible control, can be set according to the user's cleaning needs to adjust the ultrasonic power;

8. Heating automatic constant temperature system: 20-95 degrees adjustable, equipped with stainless steel heating tube, fast heating speed;

This product support non-standard custom, can provide design drawings and cleaning program

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Product Details:
Blue Whale double-slot filtration rinsing ultrasonic cleaner with ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic rinsing tank and filter sub-tank. Double-slot filtration rinsing ultrasonic cleaner, mainly for the cleaning needs of workpieces that need to be cleaned after dust, oil, rust, wax, glue and other dirt, and need to be quickly dried.
Double tank drying ultrasonic cleaner
Product model Overflow port Hot air circulation drying Inner tank size(mm) capacity(L) Transducer Ultrasonic power(adjustable) Time control Heating power Low level protection Generator rack
LanJ-J212P1 Standard Standard 500*300*250 38L 12pcs 0-600W 1-99H 1.5KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J212P2 Standard Standard 500*300*300 45L 12pcs 0-600W 1-99H 1.5KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J218P1 Standard Standard 500*350*300 53L 18pcs 0-900W 1-99H 1.5KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J218P2 Standard Standard 500*350*350 61L 18pcs 0-900W 1-99H 1.5KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J224P1 Standard Standard 550*400*350 77L 24pcs 0-1200W 1-99H 3KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J224P2 Standard Standard 550*400*400 88L 24pcs 0-1200W 1-99H 3KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J230P1 Standard Standard 550*450*400 99L 30pcs 0-1500W 1-99H 3KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J230P2 Standard Standard 600*450*400 108L 30pcs 0-1500W 1-99H 3KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J230P3 Standard Standard 800*300*400 96L 30pcs 0-1500W 1-99H 3KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J236P Standard Standard 600*500*450 135L 36pcs 0-1800W 1-99H 4.5KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J248P1 Standard Standard 700*500*500 175L 48pcs 0-2400W 1-99H 6KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J248P2 Standard Standard 700*550*500 175L 48pcs 0-2400W 1-99H 6KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J260P Standard Standard 800*600*550 264L 60pcs 0-3000W 1-99H 6KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J272P Standard Standard 1000*600*600 360L 72pcs 0-3600W 1-99H 9KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J290P Standard Standard 1000*800*700 560L 90pcs 0-4500W 1-99H 18KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J2108P Standard Standard 1000*900*600 540L 108pcs 0-5400W 1-99H 18KW Standard Standard
LanJ-J2144P Standard Standard 1200*1000*800 960L 1144pcs 0-7200W 1-99H 24KW Standard Standard

Blue Whale double-slot drying ultrasonic cleaning machine, mainly used in mechanical, electronic, jewelry, optical, pharmaceutical, coating, auto maintenance and vacuum coating pre-treatment and other related categories. For parts with complex surface shapes, such as grooves, slits, blind holes and deep holes on parts, it has an efficient and rapid cleaning effect. At the same time, it can clean off the oil, rust and oxide on the surface of the parts, and realize one-stop cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
Before Purchase:

1、Determine the model
You can choose model through consultation. You can also understand the specifications and parameters and choose the model through the website. Our company can customize according to customer requirements. Welcome to the factory for inspection.

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3、Sign the contract
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Payment will be made in accordance with the terms of the contract. Timely delivery will be arranged after payment.

When you receoved the machine, please check whether the outer packaging and goods are damaged. Also check the product model and quantity, as well as accessories. If the above happens, please take photos and contact with the sales staff.

6、After-sales service
1. Provide door-to-door installation and commissioning, technical personnel free guidance training;
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3. We promise warranty for 18 months and provide to life-long maintenance. So you don’t need to worry about the after sales.