ultrasonic cleaning machine Shutter ultrasonic cleaning machine | 2021-12-15

【Green card】Shutter ultrasonic cleaning machine project case


【Green card】Shutter ultrasonic cleaning machine project case
Project introduction
Project description, the shutter is a window style, originated in China. In ancient Chinese architecture, there are mullioned windows, from the Warring States to the Han dynasty have been used. Vertical bars are called mullions, and horizontal bars are called mullions. The Mullion is a kind of primitive style of shutters, which can also be said to be the original state of the shutters.

Cooperation unit: Green Card
Industry: shutters industry
Cleaning parts: shutters
Cleaning equipment: ultrasonic cleaning machine shutters
   Green shutters, through the continuous improvement of modern industrial technology, more fashion style. The product obtains many national patents. As a result of advanced design, eternal quality, by the international large building materials supermarket B&Q, Obi designated as the National Louver a supplier. Series products since the launch of the market, because of its excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service, flexible sales policies sell well at home and abroad. Products sell well in the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Italy and other parts of the world.