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【Zhonghuan Shares】Semiconductor automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine engineering case


【Zhonghuan Shares】Semiconductor automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine engineering case
Project introduction
The Semiconductor industry is the core of the modern electronics industry and the Semiconductor industry is based on the silicon material industry, according to the project. Although a variety of new List of semiconductor materials are emerging, more than 90% of semiconductor devices and circuits, very-large-scale integration, in particular, is made on high purity, high-quality silicon wafers, and epitaxial wafers. The importance of wafer cleaning to the semiconductor industry has been paid much attention since the early 1950s because the contamination on the surface of the silicon wafer can seriously affect the performance, reliability, and yield of devices. With the rapid development of microelectronic technology and the improvement of People’s demand for raw materials, the influence of pollutants on devices has become more and more prominent

Cooperation unit: Central Share

industry: semiconductor industry

cleaning parts: semiconductor wafer wafer wafer

cleaning equipment: semiconductor automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

   TianJin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999, formerly the semiconductor device, which was established in 1969. It completed the joint-stock reform in 2004 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in April 2007, the stock abbreviation” central share”, code is 002129. Is the production and operation of List of semiconductor materials and semiconductor integrated circuits and devices high-tech Enterprises, the registered capital of the company is 482,829,608 yuan, total assets of 2.051 billion.